Boosting Agricultural Productivity of

Smart Farm solutions for all

Sustainable Agricultural Ecosystem

Zero Minute Farm deliver complete suit of Agricultural services from breed to market


Real-time inventory status per warehouse and bin lets you avoid low inventory bottlenecks and keeps your operations running smoothly.


Our system allows you to plan effectively since you can predict the outcome of every input and likely threats


Technology allows for effective monitoring of your farm in real-time to ensure safety of crops and animals


Through analytics you are able to make better decision in planting harvest and growing of livestocks and crops


Pest Control

Control dangerous pest and parasite that could affect your farm and reduce productivity

Increase yield by %50

Your yield will definitely increase by a great percentage therefore your profitability is  guaranteed 

Reduce Farming Cost

The amount you spent on maintaining and sustaining your farm will be reduced.

Reliable Supply Chain

we connect the chain to ensuring your products moves from your farm direct to the doorsteps of consumers

Predict and Plan Harvest

Know when exactly is harvest and the quantity to be harvested and plan effectively 

Automate All

Make every process predictable, efficient, accurate and more profitable by automation

Using Technology to boost Productivity

As farms continues to grow, shortage of manpower increases  and farmers become burden with keeping proper records of farm. We help farmers meet the demand using technology that allows you plan, monitor and analyze all activities on your farm easily.

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Let us help you boost production in your animal farm or crop farm, this will be the best decision you ever took for your farm

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